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... the Land of Mystical Splendor !


It is traditionally accepted that the Lepchas are the autochthonous tribe of Sikkim. After them came the Bhutias, from Tibet, followed by the Nepalese and finally the Indian business community from the plains.

History :
The Nepalese form the majority constituting about 70-80% of the Sikkim's total population. The Nepalese are a conglomeration of different ethnic groups, socially self contained.

The Nepalese are excellent farmers and soon after their migration and settlement in Sikkim they introduced terrace cultivation which brought a productive method of farming to the mountainous terrain.

Lifestyle :
The Nepalese are spread throughout the east, west, north and south districts of Sikkim. Their style of living is comparatively much economical. Their dresses and diets are simple. They are good farmers and businessmen. Also, they are ahead in education which enables them to get jobs in the Government.

Nepalese- Their Festivals :
Dasain is the biggest and most important festival celebrated by the Nepalese Hindu. It falls approximately in the month of October and is concurrent with the northern Indian celebration of Dussehera. The Nepalese decorate their house doors and pillars with banana leaves and strings of marigold flowers and say prayers for the goddess Durga. On the eighth day or Ashtami, many families sacrifice goats or buffaloes and on the tenth day or Vijayadashami, the elder family members smear the foreheads of the younger members with tikas and relatives visit each other seeking blessings from the older members.

Tihar festival is celebrated 15 days after Dasain with great gaiety and enthusiasm. The Nepalese worship Goddess Laxmi on the first day. During the evenings thousands of butter lamps are lighted and crackers are burst to celebrate the festival of light. On the third day is Bhai-Tika when sisters put tikas on their brother's forehead and pray for their well-being.

Nepalese- Their Culture :
The Sikkimese Nepali is the inheritor of the legacy of Hindu traditions. The language spoken by Nepalese is understood and spoken by people all over the state. The Nepalese woman wear 'Chobandi cholo' as blouse and sari complete the outfit. The men wear 'dowra suruwal'.

Many Nepali folk dances and songs are connected with cultivating and harvesting seasons. One such popular dance is 'Dhan Naach' performed to project a rich cultural heritage of this community. 'Maruni' is one of the oldest dances in which young girls embellished with colourful costumes and rich ornaments perform dance in an extremely graceful and lyrical style on festive occasions.
The Nepalese community consists of several tribes. Among them are the Gurungs, Limbus, Tamangs and Rais. Learn more about them.


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