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Park/ Sanctuaries

Smriti Van

State Policy of Environment, Forest and Land Use


 Medicinal Plants


... the Land of Mystical Splendor !


The concept of Smriti Van is a novel idea of involving society at large in nature conservation. This is a concept in which trees can be planted, including on marriage, birthdays, anniversaries, demise, friendship or in the remembrance of near and dear ones. The concept can be implemented by setting up "Smriti Vans" in all villages / panchayats, urban areas, tourist places, religious places and crematorium etc. The initiatives for this purpose no doubt have to be taken by the state government or the local body by making the land available, technical advise and seedlings etc. The planning and implementation would necessarily require active participation of the local community and ultimately the management should be entrusted to the local community, organizations, NGO's or welfare associations etc.

All over the world, people believe in perpetuating the memory by erecting memorials. Trees can be planted as "Live Memorial". Planting of a tree(s), on any occasion would not only satisfy the desire to keep the memory fresh, but also help in the national cause of "Greening and Maintaining the ecological balance as well as atmospheric equilibrium" .The planting of non timber species, which have value in terms of the regular usufruct they give like fruits, flowers, nuts, leaves, fodder and even shade, without having to be felled when mature, will enhance the concept of perpetuation of the memory of an ancestor, who is seen to continue to be a benefactor.

The Matsya Puran says that, "Ten sons are equal to a tree." We can plant several hundreds of trees whose contribution to the state and nation for the cause of Environment and Ecology would be universally acknowledged.

In this program, till date in Sikkim, 40 numbers of Smriti Vans at various places such as: Bulbuley (29 nos) [East District], Rinchingpong- Tagore Smriti Van [West District], Sakyong [West District] and Guru Padmasambhava Smriti Van at Samduptse (Tendong) [South District] have been created and the Yumthang Valley Smriti Van [high altitude, in North District] is being started by May 2001. Till date about 35,000 numbers of seedlings have been planted in the year 1999-2000 & 2000-01 by the various Non Governmental Organizations, Voluntary Organizations, Associations, Religious & Social groups and other Government Agencies as well as by individuals.

For the year 2001-02, the planting season would start from the first week of JUNE , kindly contact any Forests Officials in Districts/headquarter or to the undersigned or S.B.S. Bhadauria, C.F.(FCA) or C.S.Pradhan.DFO (FCA) or M.R.Rai R.O. (FCA) ,Please.

T .R. Sharma IFS
PCCF cum Secretary
Department of Forest, Environment and Wildlife ,Government of Sikkim.


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